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What you can do at Turning Hearts?

Turning Hearts offers advanced social media features that you can share with the world the stories and memories of your ancestors as well as your own stories and memories. Turning Hearts is meant to be a place where people can tell the truth about who they are and how they want to be remembered. 

Personalize Lifeline

Every profile has a lifeline that keeps track of important posts and updates. Visitors will be able to scroll through recent posts.

Share Important Moments

Turning Hearts encourages users to post life’s important moments. (pictures, videos, audio, documents, etc.)

Add Biography Info

Every profile has a Biography page. Users can enter key information and give users a quick insight into who the person was. 

Make New Connections

Users are able send messages to other profiles to ask questions about being possible relatives and other genealogy purposes.

Create Groups

Our platform provides the ability to create groups for family members and friends. Intimate and special memories can be shared in these groups.

Send Private Messages

Touched by someones profile? Send private messages and leave meaningful comments on their profile. This can make someone’s day.

Write Own Journal

Each profile has a journal feature so members can experience the joy that journaling can bring to their lives.  

Share Documents

Scan and Upload important documents to a profiles document page for visitors to see. 

Tag Family and Friends

Users have the ability to tag family and friends in their posts by using “@username”

Get Live Notifications

Our platform alerts users in real time anytime an action is performed or a message is sent.

Set Privacy Filters

Turning Hearts respects privacy. Every user can pick through a variety of privacy filters for their post.

Upload Media to Own Gallery

Turning Hearts allows users to create albums and portfolios for media. This makes navigation much more seamless.

And Much More


Registering account and using our platform is free - You only pay for the Turning Hearts Medallion if you decide to purchase it. We are currently shipping Medallions only to United States.

If you are not able to scan our QR codes with your camera, use our recommended QR code scanner