Turning Hearts Medallion Features

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Highest Quality Materials

Our economic line uses 316L stainless steel and our most durable Porcelain tiles uses Italian Porcelain.

Engraved QR Codes

All QR Codes are laser engraved to the Turning Hearts Medallions.


We use high strength adhesives on our medallions to ensure a secure bond to the headstone

Easy to Install

Turning Hearts Medallions are user friendly and easily applied in seconds

Color Options

We currently offer only one color (stainless steel) option for Medallions. 


We warranty our medallions and will replace any damaged or weathered medallions at cost.

Unlimited Stories

Share as many stories and memories to your lifeline as you want to.

Unlimited Media Files

Share unlimited amount of images and videos to your personalized profile.

Unlimited Direct Links

Place as many direct links to profile details as you want to. The more information the better.

Full Privacy Control

Account owner will have full privacy control for everything that is shared.

One Time Purchase

We do not have any maintenance fees – You only pay for the Medallion and shipping.

Free Technical Support

We offer free technical support to all users that have purchased a medallion.

And Much More!


Registering an account and using our platform is free - You only pay for the Turning Hearts Medallion if you decide to purchase it. We are now shipping Turning Hearts Medallions to every country.

If you are not able to scan our QR codes with your camera, use our recommended QR code scanner