Leave a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Turning Hearts is a platform where you can share with the world the stories and memories of your ancestors as well as your own stories and memories.

Our Turning Hearts Medallion gives access to anyone who scans it the ability to learn and interact with those who have gone on.

Scan me with your device to read my story

Remember your ancestors with an ancestor account

Create an ancestor account for those who don’t have the opportunity. Upload pictures, videos, memories, and also much more for those who visit their headstone to benefit from.

Registering and using an Ancestor account is 100% free! We do not require a Medallion purchase in order to use our platform.

Share your personal memories with a personal account

Create a personal account to leave your own legacy how you want others see it. Leave meaningful messages, pictures, videos, advice, and so much more for the world to benefit from.

Registering and using a Personal account is also 100% free!

View example stories from loved ones

What can you do at Turning Hearts?

Turning Hearts is meant to be a place where people can tell the truth about who they are and how they want to be remembered.

Turning Hearts offers advanced social media features that you can share with the world the stories and memories of your ancestors as well as your own stories and memories.

Keep Memories Alive
Keep all the important memories alive
View Beautiful Stories
View beautiful stories shared by others and learn more about their lives
Personalize Lifeline
Every profile has a lifeline that keeps track of important moments
Add Biography Info
Share important details about yourself or your loved one
Write Tributes
Write tributes and condolences to profile owners
Share Common Memories
Share common memories and moments with your loved ones
Interact With Profiles
With Turning Hearts you can interact with profiles in multiple ways
Add Media to Gallery
Members can create albums and portfolios for media
Share Documents
Upload important documents to profiles for visitors to see
Send Private Messages
Members are able send messages to other profiles or profile owners

And much more!

What is a Turning Hearts Medallion?

A Turning Hearts Medallion is a scannable medallion intended to be placed on the headstone of an ancestor or loved one. Anyone who visits can scan the QR code engraved on the medallion with their phone and it will connect them to the profile created for that person.

How to get started?

You can create up to 6 individual Turning Hearts accounts for yourself and your ancestors using the same email address.

Each account must be made one at a time, this is done by clicking “Create an account” and going through the registration process for each ancestor and personal account.

A medallion can be purchased anytime through the profile development and you can also order a medallion without having an account at Turning Hearts.

Price of one Stainless Steel Turning Hearts Medallion is $99.95 + shipping costs.

Price of one Porcelain Turning Hearts Medallion is $179.99 + shipping costs

Shipping costs to United States are 10$.

International shipping costs are 15$.

We do not require any additional fees for the Medallion.

Yes, you can purchase Turning Hearts Medallion as a gift example to your friend or family member!

During the checkout you can enter your own address as billing address and you can add your friend’s or family member’s address as shipping address.

No, you do not need to activate your Turning Hearts Medallion.

You can order a Medallion without having an account or with already created account. Our product package includes all the information about Medallion connection for the right profile.

QR Code at Medallion is connected to your account.

When the QR Code is scanned by any smartphone’s QR Code scanner, the phone will direct you to profile where the QR Code is connected to.

QR Codes are laser engraved to Medallions.

Only one.

However, you can order multiple Turning Hearts Medallions for one profile.

Yes, you can see your purchase history at profile navigation.

You can find details such as order number, status of the order, order details (price, payment method, order updates, billing address, shipping address, and time when the order was placed.)

Lives can be changed by hearing their stories.

Who We Are?

We are a community that seeks to revolutionize the way we remember life.

What We Do?

We utilize new technologies that enable a more personal way to share life.

Why We Exist?

We believe every life deserves to be remembered. A simple memory can change someones life.

You have the control for privacy

Turning Hearts respects privacy the most.

As an account holder, you have the control for all of the privacy filters which we have, so literally everything what our users share has privacy filters.

Our users can hide all of the uploaded media files such as pictures, videos, and audio. Our users can hide updates from lifeline and also hide profile fields if user wants to restrict the visibility.

Literally our users can keep the profile visible only for family members.


Registering an account and using our platform is free - You only pay for the Turning Hearts Medallion if you decide to purchase it. We are now shipping Turning Hearts Medallions to every country.

If you are not able to scan our QR codes with your camera, use our recommended QR code scanner